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  • Strained relationships?
  • Constant conflicts in the organization?
  • Claims of inappropriate behavior?
  • Toxic leadership behavior?

I help Boards, Management teams and individual leaders turn toxic organizations healthy with high integrity.

Conscious Executive Coaching is meant for decision makers and leaders that are ready to deal with the people problems even if they seem difficult to solve. The process is designed case by case but it always includes business ethics considerations. Instead of impulsive reaction, or turning away, management will act with integrity and accountability.

Investment in psychologically healthier organization pays back because the cost of destructive behavior at work is high: unmanaged conflicts lead to stress, and long-term fatigue results in sick leaves and staff turnover.

Moreover, it is the most challenging situations that affect the culture the most. If management fails to deal with toxic behavior, it has a negative impact on people for a long time. But if management shows integrity in front of inappropriate behavior, this strengthens the trust and respect for management significantly.

”Effective leadership coaches are acutely attuned to the unconscious life of organizations, realizing that there’s more to human behavior that meets the eye.”
– Manfred Kets de Vries –

Do not hesitate to contact for advice.

We can make your organization healthy.

Contact me by email or text message.
I will return soonest to schedule a first meeting which is always free of charge.

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