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  • Lost your mojo, your life energy?
  • Experienced inappropriate behavior at workplace?
  • A crisis that challenges your view of who you are?
  • Looking for more meaning in life?
  • Need help in a difficult situation?

Executive Counseling is designed for leaders whose integrity has a direct impact on many others. You become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how these relate to your relationships and wellbeing.

Unless you know yourself and manage your life balance, you will unconsciously project your own unmet needs unto others. That is a recipe for further problems that I help you avoid.

Through inner work, you learn to recognize, express and manage your thoughts, emotions and needs more appropriately. These skills not only enhance your effectiveness as leader, but also make you a happier individual.

“Tuula never loses her enthusiasm!
Our discussions feel sometimes like flying.”
– Executive, 55 –

”Real change comes about through inner work, when we attend to soul and discover who we are.”

– Richard Harvey –

Do not hesitate to contact for advice in any challenging situation.

You deserve to live a balanced, meaningful life.

Contact me by email or text message.
I will return soonest to schedule a first meeting which is always free of charge.

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