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  • Crisis that challenges your view of who you are?
  • Lost your mojo, your life energy?
  • Experienced inappropriate behavior at workplace?
  • Looking for more meaning in life?

My Counseling is designed for leaders, managers and professionals whose level of consciousness and integrity has a direct impact on many others. Unless you know yourself and manage your life balance, you will unconsciously project your unmet needs unto others. That is a recipe for further problems that I help you avoid.

In Executive Counseling you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behavior and how they relate to your experience of life, relationships and wellbeing in general. Through inner work, you become more aware of your thinking patterns and learn to recognize, express and manage your emotions and needs more appropriately. These skills not only enhance your effectiveness as leader, but also make you a happier individual.

”It was really a pleasure to get to know and develop with you, an amazingly rewarding experience!”
– Senior Executive, Executive Coaching –

I integrate the best practices of coaching and variety of psychotherapy modalities in my Counseling. The origin of Executive Counseling is in my thesis called “How to Help Highly Narcissistic Executives with Logotherapy?” Executive narcissism continues to be my expertise area.

On the other hand, if a person has a midlife crisis, Jungian psychology and Developmental psychology provide plentiful of concepts to facilitate the process of individuation, of becoming a more mature adult. Schema therapy is appropriate when we handle life traps, or emotional blocks that still affect the individual’s behavior and feelings. Sometimes I use some assessment tools but the most important factor to ensure success in any counseling is the relationship and the space that emerges between the client and the counselor.

In addition, I provide Coach-on-Site service to support the mental wellbeing of personnel and management at workplaces. It is a preventive wellbeing service, where we help individuals to clarify their situation, find resources and best options forward to solve the problem. Coach-on-Site is based on solution focused brief therapy and coaching methodologies. It has proven to be a very effective reaching double digit return-on-investment figures.

“We just click. This is great! Thank you for giving me advice, not just asking questions like the psychologist I met.
This has been so helpful. I am so relieved that there is so much I can do.”
– Marketing Manager, Coach-on-Site –

“Tuula never loses her enthusiasm! Our discussions feel sometimes like flying.”

– Senior Manager, Executive Coaching –

Do not hesitate to contact for advice
in any challenging situation.
You deserve to live a balanced, meaningful life.

Contact me by email or text message.
I will return soonest to schedule a first meeting which is always free of charge.




  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Schema Therapist
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapist
  • Professional of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Reception Lauttasaari Helsinki and Zoom.

Email: (at)
Tel. +358 50 500 4515


Twitter: @ba_tuulasaarela
Facebook: Ba Tuula Saarela

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