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Who am I?

Tuula Saarela, Therapist and Counselor.

My educational background is in Social Sciences. For over 20 years I worked in Human Resources management, consulting and talent and leadership development roles in global companies.

In addition, I have intensively studied the depths of human psyche. I have certified myself for example in logo therapy and existential analysis, transpersonal psychotherapy, schema therapy and solution-focused brief therapy and Work Place Big Five personality profiling. Moreover, I have studied developmental psychology, theories of evolution of consciousness, Jungian psychology, emotional intelligence, transformational leadership as well as various ancient wisdom and healing modalities.

I established Ba Therapy Practice in 2016. Since 2017 I have provided Coach-on-Site in workplaces. I have also worked as Executive Coach, Mentor, Facilitator of Conflict Reconciliation and Organization Consultant.

The combination of my business experience and deep understanding of human development has proven to be effective in making a difference. Having a wide range of knowledge of different modalities, I select the most appropriate framework and approach for each individual or organization. I enjoy exploring the problems and finding innovative solutions.

“Once again, I really do very much appreciate having you in my life! In so many ways it was and keeps on being very eye opening, motivating and inspiring at the same time!”
Manager, Executive Counseling

Do not wait, but ask for help if you find yourself in an overwhelming situation.

There are effective ways to handle these challenges. It is your integrity that makes the difference.

 Contact me by email or text.
I will return soonest to schedule a first meeting which is free of charge.




  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Schema Therapist
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapist
  • Professional of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Reception Lauttasaari Helsinki and Zoom.

Email: (at)
Tel. +358 50 500 4515


Twitter: @ba_tuulasaarela
Facebook: Ba Tuula Saarela

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